[UPDATE #2: WE WON AN EMMY!!! “Strange Fruit” won in the “Best Historical/Cultural” category. Thank you all for your support. Continue to share it! Sadly it’s still too relevant]

[UPDATE #1: just got word that “Strange Fruit” was nominated for an Emmy (Lower Great Lakes region). The ceremony will be June 27, 2015. Stay tuned!!!]

I had the recent honor of filming something with the SALT project, a powerful (in every way — content and media presence) group of bloggers and filmmakers who respond to injustice with creativity. This video commemorates the 75th anniversary of the song, “Strange Fruit,” made famous by Billie Holiday. Lynchings are still occurring in America, and if we think about it, the crucifixion of Jesus was a lynching. Now Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis and so many others whose names we’ll never know.

DID YOU KNOW that “Strange Fruit” was named by TIME Magazine as the “Song of the Century”??? I like trivia.

And I love this video. One more trivia: The guy in the video, Rev. Dr. Frank Thomas, was my first pastor at New Faith Baptist Church (Matteson, IL). He was the first pastor to give me a chance to rap during worship. A lot of this video is FULL CIRCLE for me.

Maybe you will share it. Maybe your church could use it for Lent.

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