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What Kendrick Lamar Can Teach Christian Hip Hop

*This piece originally appeared on RAPZILLA* View the original and the comments here: Kendrick Lamar’s album, “Good Kid, M.A.A.D City”, is brilliant, period. If for nothing else, it fully encapsulates the sound of an emerging (here!) Cali – artists who grew up with (but not as) the bangers, and possess the acumen to convey without…

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Rocks Crying Out: “Amen” and Bad Religion

*This article originally appeared on RAPZILLA, a popular Christian Hip Hop site. View the original and comments here: Now there’s a lot of bad b—-s in the building, Amen! A couple real n—-s in the building, Amen! I’m finna kill n—-s in the building, Amen! I tell the waiter, “Fifty Bottles,” and she tell me,…

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