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LEMONADE now available!!!

LEMONADE Let’s you and I call it the album of the year, and later on, somebody else will 🙂 I appreciate the support. GOAL Numero Uno is getting more eyes and ears on it, please share lyrics, video of you JAMMING, or anything! Your support means the world to me. I’m excited about this album,…

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Laquan and Woodrow Wilson: A Case for Horrific Images

***ORIGINALLY POSTED on HUFFINGTON POST on 11.25.15*** Note: This post contains graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some readers. Two seminal moments have happened almost concurrently within the past couple of days; so fast is the news cycle that we almost didn’t notice. Both were huge victories and both instantly created polarizing opinions and heated…

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When Pastors Become Janitors: Tyshawn Lee and Beyond

***Originally posted on Huffington Post on 11.11.2015*** Tyshawn Lee’s funeral was this past Tuesday. He was nine years old, and gunned down on the Southside of Chicago on November 2, execution-style, allegedly by his father’s rival gang. Depending on your news source, some say his death was not random, but he was lured into the…

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