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On WINDY CITY LIVE (ABC7 Chicago) performing “Don’t Push Me”

You can read the story of my own history with bullying HERE, and it all amounts to a song called “Don’t Push Me,” with the incomparable Walt Whitman and the Soul Children of Chicago and Karees Brown. Things move fast…not one week after recording “Don’t Push Me,” we performed on Windy City Live! (Chicago, ABC7)…

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Don’t Push Me: My Bully Story

I wrote “Don’t Push Me” because I remember — too well — going to school and being called “blockhead”… …being super light-skinned and having a nice round head, and basically having my name changed to “Casper”… …or my first bully, Shermar, from 6th grade. Every time he saw me, he would push me out of…

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